About Us

SANSKRRITI, a new store for all your gifting and wedding requirements, is a great place for those looking to add an edge to their celebrations. The vibrant colours, numerous choices and customized designs ensure that you find the finest options with value for money. Be it any occasion, festival or corporate event, Sanskrriti caters to your requirements with unique packaging and gifting solutions. The range at our store includes wedding trousseau packaging, corporate gift hampers, party give-aways, all occasion gift boxes, garlands, embellished clutch bags and much more.

What began as an at-home venture, by Mital Surendira, grew into a popular brand within a decade and now into an exclusive showroom at a prime location in Chennai. Mital started out with trousseau and gift packaging for weddings and festivals to find an outlet for her creativity during her leisure hours. Soon the products that she crafted, had people asking for a variety of festive, corporate and celebratory needs. The simple answer was to diversify, expand and professionalize the enterprise. Maintaining the ethnicity of her products, Mital ensures to add a personal touch which not only means innovating but also adding oodles of style with contemporary designs and patterns. At Sanskrriti, the presentation matters as much as the gift. We ensure the exclusivity of the products is never lost.

Sanskrriti’s products are handcrafted and customized to suit each occasion, be it Indian or international. The materials used in the products incorporate eco-friendly materials such as palm leaf, recycled paper and wood, which is why it is not surprising that Sanskrriti’s products are much sought after by corporate companies. Our Store also has traditional and intricate garlands that are thematically matched. The list does not end there as Sanskrriti also works with restaurants to develop stylish menu cards and décor. Our Wine Bottle Hampers, Spice Boxes, Party Favours including birthday return gifts, instant Rangoli's and a collection of Bags and Clutches have been some of the fast moving products. If you are looking for personalized wedding invitations as also wedding décor, Sanskrriti is your destination. Apart from individual orders, we also take bulk orders for festivals, weddings and corporate events.